Regionale Projektpartner

Lead Partner

Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Bautzen GmbH

Preuschwitzer Str. 20
D-02625 Bautzen
+49 3591 3802020
+49 3591 3802021

TGZ Bautzen (in English: Bautzen Innovation Centre, abbreviation: TGZ) is a not-for-profit organisation. We act on behalf of our public shareholders, the town of Bautzen and the district Bautzen (330,000 inhabitants, area of 2,400 square kilometres). We work with our own management and a highly qualified staff to run the innovation centre (10,000 square metres office and production space) and to carry out regional, national and European projects promoting regional economic development and innovation. Bautzen Innovation Centre aims to contribute actively to technology advancement in the eastern part of Saxony (Upper Lusatia) by stimulating interaction and technology transfer between SMEs, industry, Higher Education Institutions, research centres and the public sector. Bautzen Innovation Centre supports the complex interactive process between research institutes and businesses including: 

  • the creation of science-based start-ups (spin-off firms)
  • training for the implementation of new technologies in SMEs
  • joint strategic and applied research between academic institutions and companies

Bautzen Innovation Centre collaborates very close with the University of Cooperative Education in Bautzen in the fields entrepreneurship education and training and innovation management. The staff of Bautzen Innovation Centre has a lot of practical experience in the area of innovation management in SMEs. The in-house management offers competent support to newly established companies. More than 70 companies, half of them start-ups, have settled in Bautzen Innovation Centre since 1996. Up to now the rate of insolvency is just 6 %. About 500 knowledge-based jobs have been created.

Project Partner information: PP2

Business and Innovation Centre Frankfurt(Oder) Ltd.

Im Technologiepark 1
15236 Frankfurt(Oder)
+49 335 5571205
+49 335 5571110

A wide network of regional actors, like the Chambers, university institutes and town administration, have been working together with the BIC Frankfurt (Oder) in projects since many years. Working as a regional development organisation, the BIC Frankfurt (Oder) has strong relations with the regional bodies, SMEs, research institutes, the university of Frankfurt (Oder) and the university of applied sciences in Wildau, close to Frankfurt (Oder). Since its creation, the BIC Frankfurt (Oder) has established significant relations with prominent national and international organizations and has become a member of European networks and associations. The BIC Frankfurt (Oder) has already established good contacts with all bodies involved in Innovation and Technology. BIC Frankfurt (Oder) can stimulate the local/regional actors and develop spin-off activities in the sector of information technology.

The BIC Frankfurt (Oder) will take a vital role in the project due to its considerable experience with SME development schemes, innovation promotion initiatives and national and international project implementation. BIC Frankfurt (Oder) will also provide the partnership with useful insight into the implementation of Interreg projects. According to its capacities, BIC Frankfurt (Oder) is involved in every activity of the project. Its role is to provide the partnership with valuable information and professional assistance, an efficient implementation of activities responsibly.

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Der Berliner Senat hat PROINCOR als Schlüsselprojekt für die Region Berlin/Brandenburg identifiziert. Von den 47 INTERREG IV B/C wurden 22 Projekte als besonders innovationsfördernd eingestuft. PROINCOR gehört zu den 10 besten in dieser Gruppe. Während des "Werkstattgespräch Internationalisierung" am 28.6.2011 wurden diese zehn Projekte vorgestellt.